Full Form Of DM (District Magistrate) in other word District officer. DM is a highly raputated and Powerful Person or Service any District in India.

Qualification Need For DM Post:-

The Post of District Magistrate needed to Qualifying the written exam fillup the form Graduate or Graduation Degree.

DM full Form District Magistrate is also known as the Chief Officer and Administrative and Revenue Officer of the each district who has the right to work in all the work from of the entire district and it is also known as the officer of all the officers DM serves in the entire district and also in the security establishment. He is also known as the head of the entire district.

Salary Of DM:-

Approximate Salary of DM Monthly salary of District Magistrate is between 75000 thousand to 1.5 lakhs, their monthly salary is because DM is an IAS officer, hence DM salary is also covered under this and apart from salary DM gets lot of facilities. Salary comes under the senior service, they have a private accommodation and a private car and many such facilities which the DM continues to benefit from.

Authority of DM:-

The Power of Dm Entire District Head of All Officer's in other word Chief of All Officer in a entire district