Ok Full Form

Full Form Of OK Its OLL CORRECT but it was accepted "ALL CORRECT" it’s pronunciation best match is ALL correct.

Ok Is a second Shortest Word and sentence. All Correct (OK) means allright proceeding and same other meaning in the Dictionory.

Origin of the OK:
Scientists can be assume that, The word “OK” was first used during the period war by american soldiers, in 1839 for saying Allright in shortest way. And Later on Scientist's conformed the OK word for telling Allright in short And, from 1840 OK word were used world wide.
Here is how, It is used in Adjective-
  • Is this processor OK for gaming ?,
  • Everyone said OK for mine Decision,

Here is it’s use in Adverb:
  • He sings OK, But sometimes get lazy on stage,
  • Sundar will manage OK on his own,

Here is a different full forms of OK:

OK - Okay

OK - OutKast
OK - One Kiss

OK - Over Kill
OK - Okanagan

OK - Ola Kala

OK - Oozma Kappa

OK Organisierte Kriminalitaet

OK - Organized Konfugson

OK - Old Kinderhook

OK - On Kerosene
OK - Oskar Kokoschka

OK - Operatiekamer

OK - Outside Knowledge

OK - Order Known
OK - Occupational Knowledge International

OK - Obvious Knowledge

OK - Ogre Kingdoms

OK - Oscillating Klystron

OK - Ohne Korrekten